During the community conversations, residents expressed a desire for increased communication about events, news, services and opportunities across the county. Community-based groups and organizations also would benefit from the ability to better reach residents with information and share positive news about what they’re doing. With decreased media attention in recent years, communication among residents and groups is increasingly important.

The Community work team identified Cerkl (pronounced circle), a locally-based company offering an innovative, personalized newsletter to recipients based on what they want to hear, who they want to hear from, and delivered to their email inbox when they want to receive it. Numerous Clermont County organizations have adopted Cerkl as a means of communicating news, events and needs with their recipients.

Future plans include implementing a strategic marketing plan to invite even more organizations and residents to begin using Cerkl, using the Connect Clermont Cerkl to circulate posts from all county organizations to the community at large, and inviting local businesses to support Connect Clermont and their favorite schools or charities through sponsorships.

A website has been launched, allowing residents to learn more about Connect Clermont. Facebook, Twitter and other social channels are being rolled out as well. Once communication channels are successfully in place, it will be much easier to pair volunteers with projects, match donors with needs, and share the kind of success stories that only come together through partnerships.

Effective communication also will enable future leaders to connect with opportunities for training and advancement. Currently, LEAD Clermont offers leadership training and development for county residents. In the future, a holistic leadership continuum that addresses training needs from high school through retirement age will be rolled out.

The team has secured estimates for launching a branding initiative for Clermont County, and sources of funding are being investigated.

Community Goals

Goal 11: Clermont County residents have
easy access to information about activities, events, services, and places in the county and this information is shared with residents of surrounding communities.

Goal 12: Clermont County will have a defined recognizable brand.

Goal 13: Volunteerism increases connections and strengthens the County.

Goal 14: Clermont County has an increased level of leadership effectiveness.