Health & Wellbeing

Online surveys taken by the community concluded that there were three priority topics within the themes of Health and Wellness: A drug-free community, awareness and support of mental health services, and stronger support for mental and physical health through partnerships and collaborations with existing organizations. With several Clermont County organizations already working hard to target these three main focus areas, the main goal of the Health & Wellness committee is to support these organizations with any additional resources or materials needed.

By supporting the already existing Opiate Task Force, the Health & Wellness committee will promote and participate in fundraising and awareness events to engage the community in addressing the issue and distribute materials to about addiction and available resources to loved ones.

To maintain a united front with the work of the Mental Health & Recovery Board, the Health & Wellness committee will schedule introductions to Mental Health First Aid training to businesses, agencies, and places of worship that will result in 10 sessions annually. To increase the awareness and knowledge of mental health professionals to residents, promotion will be done for the Clermont Crisis Hotline: 528-SAVE. The team will work to decrease the stigma associated with mental illness by sharing information and personal stories on Cerkl and engaging partners to participate in community-wide health events.

The Community Health Improvement Plan contains initiatives to help fight obesity; promote physical activity and nutrition; fight drug addiction and tobacco use; and support mental health. The committee will assess, promote and increase organized, employer-supported physical activity and identify local champions to help create workplace gardens and promote healthy eating. A plan to present smoking cessation programs and resources to businesses, agencies and places of worship will be in place by the end of 2016.

Health & Wellbeing Goals

Goal 19: Clermont County will be a drug-free community.

Goal 20: The community will be more aware and supportive of mental health services as integral to the quality of life of all citizens in helping them live quality lives and achieve maximum health and independence.

Goal 21: Clermont health (mental and physical) and wellness outcomes are bolstered and the community will report having excellent or very good health through expanded partnerships and collaborations.