Lifelong Learning

To complete the goals of the Lifelong Learning initiative, a “Leadership Continuum,” will be developed to continually improve and develop ethical, effective leadership skills and behaviors across the life span of community members.

It’s important to make citizens aware of the Clermont County Public Library’s services and programs, and become engaged in supporting the library as a community hub for access to classes and collections both online and in person to encourage lifelong learning.

With several early childhood education initiatives currently being carried out throughout the county, our goal will be to support those already in place and help implement new and innovative practices.

By advocating for increased local control regarding decision-making for schools and students of Clermont County, we will help make sure every child in a Clermont County school has equal access to learning.

To continue education outside of a school system, we will identify existing and potential facilities that offer or could provide educational programs for adults and analyze data on current levels of educational attainment by the community.

Clermont Work Readiness Initiative

The Work Readiness Initiative (WRI) is a project of the Clermont Chamber of Commerce Foundation that fosters partnerships between business leaders and educators in preparing Clermont County students to be work ready. Through speaking opportunities and mentorship, local business men and women are helping students understand career options, learn about professionalism, and take ownership of their career choices. WRI has more than 140 volunteers engaged in this community-wide project.

Lifelong Learning Goals

Goal 15: Clermont residents and stakeholders understand the importance of, and invest in, the social and economic value of learning.

Goal 16: Every child enters kindergarten prepared for success in school.

Goal 17: Every child in Clermont County has equal access to learning that helps them succeed in school and life.

Goal 18: Every adult in Clermont County continuously develops skills, knowledge and experiences to achieve personal, professional and community goals.